About Rapid Robert Tree Service


Rapid Robert Tree Service is locally owned and operated by Robert Fee, a licensed Arborist with over 27 years of experience in tree pruning, preservation, and removals.

We are fully insured and carry both Worker's Comp & General Liability Insurances.

Because we already have our equipment in your area, we will be able to offer you better pricing on tree pruning, removals, and stump grinding.
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The owner, Robert Fee, started cutting trees using spikes to climb and ropes to lower the big pieces to the ground. That was over 27 years ago, so it's safe to say he knows trees completely from the ground up.

We now use equipment to get up in the tree's making it safer and faster. But Robert still climbs from time to time just to show the young guys that he still can!

Helping to cleanup the aftermath of Katrina, Robert worked under the Corps of Engineers in New Orleans for three years. Out of over 265 tree crews that were there, he and his tree crew were ranked in the top ten for quality, performance and safety.